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LCDTV Market Census

LCDTV Market Census
Complete overview of the high grow consumer LCDTV...
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Provides Clients the clearest picture of the home entertainment market

Quixel Research, LLC is a market intelligence firm focused on the Home Entertainment and technology markets. The firm's expertise is in identifying and capturing consumers' buying behaviors and preferences related to displays as well as related audio products and related connected devices and services.

Since 2001, manufacturers and suppliers of Home Entertainment products have been using Quixel Research reports and studies for strategic guidance and tactical decision making. Quixel was the first firm to track the advanced TV categories for residential use in the USA, as well as the first to conduct retail surveys of consumer preferences and adoption of these TVs.

Quixel provides industry leading companies both syndicated and customized market reports.

We combine three critical elements to provide a total view of where the Home Entertainment and technology markets are now, and where they will be tomorrow.

We know the manufacturers and the channels

Quixel Research's strong relationships with the product and component manufacturers, distributors, and resellers provide us access to actual sales information. Combined with primary quarterly channel tracking and consumer insights, this methodology gives Quixel a realistic and unique picture of current and future market trends.
We know consumers
Consumer purchases, needs and trends are Quixel Research's unique focus. Quixel conducts extensive primary research of consumer preferences, buying trends, in-home product use, post-purchase feedback, and market demographics. We know what consumers want to buy now and in the future. Even more important, Quixel knows who the consumers are and what drives them to buy a new TV.
We know the Home Entertainment & Technology markets
Founded and managed by electronics industry experts, Quixel combines extensive background knowledge with current market data and insights from interviews with the top industry executives. The result is Quixel's unprecedented comprehensive view of the Home Entertainment ecosystem.
Quality data and analysis + Quality service = Unparalleled Information

Let Quixel's tools work for your company

  • Gain visibility into the home
  • Address short term customer and channel needs
  • Guide and verify strategic decisions
  • Understand consumer product requirements
  • Select your best opportunities

Nearly Half the LCDTV Market was Connected in Q1 2014; Volume up 54% over Q1 2013.

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